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From Australia to Asia-Pacific, Europe to Africa, South, and North America, the youth-led climate movement has captured the world’s attention.

The rise in voice demanding action on climate change has never been louder. The young climate activists across the world supported by ‘’ and sheer will to save the planet are raising some very important questions through global/local climate strikes, social media campaigns and other social initiatives.

The amount of awareness generated through these initiatives has been massive, reaching tens of millions of people across the globe. …

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Every day, here and there a new sustainable alternative hits the market. These ‘alternatives’ garner huge crowds and sales. But, do we really know if they create more harm than good? How sure are we that companies aren’t greenwashing? And most importantly, will they stay long enough in the market to remain as sustainable options?

My journey into sustainable alternatives began nearly 3 years back when I volunteered for a cleanup along with 100 others. Among the things we cleaned up that day (which almost amounted to around 30 tonnes), single-use plastic straws were one of the most common along…

Akhilesh Anilkumar

Founder & Director, Bring Back Green Foundation | Podcaster on Sustainability: The Green Game | Climate Activist

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